Let us take that clunker off your hands!  Scrap car recycling is quick and easy with Northwest Recycling.  If you can drive your junk car in, the pricing will be better.  If you can’t, we can help arrange for hauling.  No preparation is necessary when you scrap a car with NWR!  We take care of the messy work for you, using environmentally friendly methods to remove all the fluids and we recycle everything from the antenna to the tires.

Washington State requires that we have the proper paperwork to take your junk car, so please provide one piece of the following documentation to scrap a vehicle:

  1. A certificate of title signed by the legal owner
  2. An affidavit of lost title, which can be obtained from the Department of Licensing
  3. A junk vehicle affidavit, which is completed by an officer of your local law enforcement agency

All vehicles are cut up and sold as scrap metal and Northwest Recycling does no retail sales of vehicles or parts.  Vehicles are accepted only at our 1419 C Street location.

Scrap car pickup