At Northwest Recycling, we are committed to providing recycling solutions that keep recyclable materials out of landfills and getting it into the hands of processors that create new materials out of your used materials.

We are only purchasing metal from commercial customers that have a business license.

Your local waste management providers are pros at recycling and the best way to dispose of your household recyclables is to utilize their service, however, for your convenience, we have a self-serve public drop off point for the following recyclables:

Cardboard – Located on Astor Street between D and E Street there are two large red dumpster that you can throw your flattened cardboard into.

Scrap Metal – Located on D street between W Holly and Astor Street is our scrap yard where you can toss your scrap metal into the yard. If you see a large green machine you are in correct place.

Aluminum Cans – Located at 1419 C Street just inside the gate to the right you can drop off aluminum cans. All aluminum can proceeds will be donated to Salvation Army. We are not purchasing cans from the general public.

1419 c st

For all other recyclable materials please contact Sanitary Service at 360-734-3490.

Vehicle Recycling

We do not recycle scrap vehicles.