At Northwest Recycling, customer service is our priority and we are committed to providing general recycling solutions that keep recyclable materials out of landfills and getting it into the hands of processors that create new materials out of your used materials.

We are open to the public for the recycling of all metals including appliances and other household metals.  We pay competitive prices for scrap metal and will make the recycling process quick and easy for you at our 1419 C Street location.  We also accept paper products from drive-in customers.

Your local waste management providers are pros at recycling and the best way to dispose of your household recyclables is to utilize their service, however, for your convenience, we have self-serve public drop off points for mixed paper, newspaper and cardboard.  The public drop off is located on Astor Street at D Street off of W. Holly.

1419 c st

Greet, Weigh and Pay: Three Easy Steps to Recycle with NWR

At Northwest Recycling, you can feel comfortable bringing in everything from one bag of aluminum cans to a dump truck load of scrap metal. Follow these three steps to easy recycling.

1) Greet – Our friendly staff will greet you when you enter our gate at 1419 C Street and direct you to the proper location for processing your recycling.



2) Weigh – Materials are weighed, either in your vehicle or on our small scale, and then unloaded.

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3) Pay – Simply return to our scale house at 1419 C Street for payment on any items that you’ve been told we will buy. Remember to bring your ID!

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Vehicle Recycling

We recycle all types of vehicles from small sedans to large excavation equipment.  Pricing is better if you bring the vehicle to us, but no matter the size, we can arrange for hauling. 

Northwest Recycling does no retail sales of vehicle parts.  All vehicles are cut up and sold as scrap metal.  Vehicles are accepted only at our 1419 C Street location.

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